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Case Study


January 27, 2022


Flooret, an innovative flooring company, combined key elements from Refersion and Upfluence to craft a robust strategy for finding new influencers and building long-term relationships.

IndustryHome and Furnishings
Annual influencer revenue$1B
Influencers on Upfluence4M+

We sat down with Flooret’s Ashlee Palka, Brand Manager, and Chesiree Katter, Community Coordinator, to learn about their strategy for finding high-quality influencers and building long-term relationships.

From Discovery to Relationship

Flooret, who manufactures and sells luxury vinyl plank flooring, begins their affiliate marketing process by searching Upfluence’s database of influencers to discover new talent. They search for DIYers, flippers, home remodelers, and interior designers. Upfluence’s industry-leading influencer discovery system uses advanced analytics and filtering options to make it easy for Flooret to narrow their search to only the most relevant creators. Then, Flooret can reach out directly to qualified candidates through Upfluence’s platform to onboard them as affiliates. “Upfluence has allowed me to easily find influencers, maintain dialogue with each other, and grow the relationship,” Chesiree said. That’s step one.

Step two, Flooret — who does not use a pay-per-post model — introduces the influencer to their affiliate program and expected deliverables. With Upfluence and Refersion’s integration, the influencers can apply directly to Flooret’s Refersion program from within Upfluence. Flooret also writes into the contract that they’re able to use influencer content for their own marketing — a smart way to repurpose the assets their content creators are making.

Once they’ve vetted and onboarded the talent, Flooret looks to ensure a fruitful long-term relationship. “For our influencers, we’re building an army of people who love our product and can show how life is lived on our floors,” Chesiree noted. This long-term focus is the secret of their affiliate success. For influencers and YouTube stars — like the Austin Flipsters — their Flooret evangelism is rewarded with store credit towards Flooret products for their own renovations, plus coupon codes for discounts on floor samples for their users.

This ensures that these on-brand influencers get access to Flooret’s product for their own projects, and also motivates their following to explore the brand.

Refersion and Upfluence make influencer discovery, onboarding, and management simple, giving us more time to focus on building our long-term relationships.

Ashlee Palka, Brand Manager at Flooret
Trading Up to Affiliate

Flooret, selling high-end flooring, is also quite progressive for their industry. They run their trade rewards program through Refersion as well, rewarding industry contractors on a quarterly basis. Before they started their attribution with Refersion, life was a free-for-all. Ashlee remembered, “We’d get calls from people pretending to be a contractor asking, ‘can I get 10% off?’” Now, with Refersion’s attribution network, industry folks are given store credit back from their purchases and all their purchases are easily viewable by Flooret’s team.

“Before we had Refersion, we had no idea if our trade accounts were ever coming back to us for a second order, or if they were ever referring people to us. We just had no idea,” Ashlee said. Now, they’re able to see top accounts, motivate lower performing accounts, and assess the overall performance of their trade program.

Flooret stays in touch by sending a quarterly report to notify people that their rewards have been issued, tips on how to earn more next quarter, and a heads-up for recent or upcoming product launches.

The Right Tools for the Job

Flooret joined Refersion in early 2019, and they chose our platform because, as Ashlee noted, “it had all the features we needed and the ability to generate the coupon codes in BigCommerce automatically.” The direct integration with BigCommerce was a huge perk, as well as the visibility into attribution Refersion brought to the trade program. Plus, the ability to run both an influencer and a trade program in the same platform sealed the deal. 

Between Upfluence’s robust and easily searchable influencer directory and Refersion’s attribution tracking technology and affiliate management platform, Flooret is able to quickly discover new influencers, onboard them, track their progress, and foster a long-term, profitable relationship for everyone involved.

Since partnering with Refersion and Upfluence, Flooret has achieved:

  • $1B in annual revenue tracked by Refersion
  • 4M+ in influencers on Upfluence

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