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Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion: How to Grow Sales

Last Modified: February 3, 2023

For ecommerce brands, the Amazon marketplace holds unparalleled opportunities for sales and growth.

As it currently stands, Amazon houses more than 300 million active customer accounts, with the average conversion rate for a product listing hovering between 10 and 15 percent. Compare this to Shopify’s average conversion rate of roughly two percent, and the potential of this sales channel becomes strikingly clear.

Moreover, because of how many people use Amazon on a regular basis, Amazon accounted for nearly 40 percent of all ecommerce sales in the U.S. in 2022.

However, this doesn’t mean that challenges are absent from the equation. The fact is that Amazon is a crowded place, with over 500,000 brands across the world enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry program. Thus, understanding how to cut through the clutter and reach consumers in an effective and efficient manner is key to scaling Amazon revenue.

This is precisely why Refersion has developed our new Amazon Affiliate Marketing, which presents ecommerce brands with a cost-effective means for accelerating Amazon sales and achieving a higher ROI.

Given that Refersion is the only affiliate marketing platform that offers an Amazon Integration, today, we will examine why this structure serves ecommerce brands, how it works, and the benefits that can be reaped from its deployment.

Let’s get started.

Why Use Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion?

For many ecommerce brands on Amazon, some of the tactics they utilize to increase sales include Amazon Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands ads, off-platform marketing techniques like influencer marketing campaigns, social media adverts, and the like. However, these kinds of approaches can quickly become expensive and do not guarantee conversions. For the sales that are made, the price of the campaign can result in a mediocre ROI.

For merchants who are enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry program, want to pay less for conversions, and grow sales more quickly and efficiently, Affiliate Marketing by Refersion unlocks the toolset necessary to achieve higher ROIs on marketing spend.

This is done by partnering directly with top performing affiliates and publishers through Refersion’s intuitive platform and only paying for actual conversions. This means that ecommerce brands won’t be wasting their marketing budgets on views that will never convert. Instead, merchants will be investing in relationships that drive real sales and help to increase organic page ranking in the Amazon marketplace

Plus, all of an Amazon Brand-Registered merchant’s affiliate and publisher promotions, sales, and other essential data can all be managed and analyzed within Refersion’s streamlined system.

This type of performance marketing yields a far higher ROI than many other types of paid campaigns. But before we dive too deep into the benefits Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion provides, let’s take a quick look at how it works.

How Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion Works

Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion is simple, as it is built on the back of our immensely popular, streamlined platform. After signing up, merchants will import their Amazon product catalog and establish a default product-level commission offer that will be paid to affiliates and publishers, which should be about 10 percent.

From there, Refersion’s rapidly-expanding network of affiliates, publishers, and influencers will be able to apply to work with the brand. Similarly, ecommerce brands can recruit promotional partners via Refersion’s Affiliate Discovery and Premium Ecommerce Affiliates.

Beyond cultivating and managing relationships with affiliates, in the Refersion platform, merchants can connect their Amazon storefront catalog, generate product tracking links using the Amazon API, track conversions, and pay affiliates for the sales they helped to generate.

Additionally, if an ecommerce brand has built its store and has its own affiliate marketing initiative through that property, merchants will be able to manage both Shopify and Amazon storefront affiliates under a single Refersion account.

With how the integration works out of the way, let’s go ahead and take a deep dive into the benefits that both merchants and affiliates can reap from the latest Refersion offering.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Benefits for Brands

As has been lightly touched upon throughout this piece, there are tons of benefits that Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion has to offer, including:

Better ROI on Advertising Spend

As discussed earlier, running PPC ads on Amazon (or any other platform) doesn’t guarantee conversions. This means that sellers could end up wasting a significant chunk of their advertising budget.

However, utilizing Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion means that merchants will only pay for conversions, thus conserving their budgets and ensuring a greater ROI. In fact, with the average Amazon ROAS hovering at 3x, brands can increase their ROI by 66 percent with Refersion, as Refersion’s affiliate marketing generally sees a 5x return on investment.

Additionally, since Amazon gives brands a 10 percent bonus on sales made from external traffic sources, merchants will be generating even more revenue on each individual transaction. This is great news for brands and affiliates alike.

In a nutshell, the end result is that ecommerce brands will be able to pay less for conversions and scale their storefronts faster than they would utilize alternative marketing methods.

Higher Conversion Rates

While it is certainly essential to run an affiliate program for your company’s dedicated website, leveraging Amazon’s clout, audience, and extremely high conversion rates benefits both merchants and affiliates, as each will generate more revenue than through DTC sources alone.

A Boost to Organic Visibility

There are many factors that Amazon’s algorithm takes into account when ranking products for specific queries. One element that is analyzed is external traffic. The more high-volume traffic a product drives, the more visibility it is likely to achieve.

With affiliates directing high-volume traffic to a brand’s product page, Amazon sellers are sure to see a significant lift in page rankings. As a result of traffic velocity increasing, certain product listings are likely to become more visible on the platform, thereby leading to even more sales. After all, more visibility generally means more sales, more sales means more visibility, and so forth.

Connect with Top Affiliates and Manage a Profitable Affiliate Network

Through Refersion’s platform, merchants can cultivate a strategic and highly-profitable affiliate network of top-tier affiliates and publishers. Using our Affiliate Discovery tool, brands can not only form direct partnerships but also gain a broader understanding of their competitors and acquire a greater degree of control over product promotions.

Transaction Transparency

Refersion’s platform enables ecommerce brands to get a clear picture of who their top-performing affiliates are, how much is sold on a monthly basis, and other actionable insights.

This level of transparency allows merchants to fine-tune their affiliate network, program offerings, and other attributes that will optimize their affiliate marketing outcomes.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Perks for Publishers

Just as utilizing Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion comes with a tangible list of benefits to be had for ecommerce retailers, the same is true for affiliates and publishers. Some of the most notable perks include:

  • Higher Commission Rates

For those enrolling in the Amazon Associates program, commission rates average about four percent, though they do range based on the product category.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion sees an average 10 percent commission rate, with some merchants offering even higher rates, thereby making the program highly-profitable for all parties involved.

  • Get Credit for More Conversions

For Amazon Associates, the cookie window is a mere 24 hours. With Refersion, this window is stretched way out to 15 days, which means that affiliates are able to get paid for far more conversions.

  • Promote the Best Products

Affiliates, influencers, and publishers can choose from hundreds of Amazon storefront products to promote in their content, thereby ensuring that they are able to advertise high-quality items that align with their taste, values, and standards.

  • Complete Transparency

Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion gives affiliates and publishers access to work with merchants directly to tailor campaign structures, conversion rates, and other essential elements, as well as track and view performance statistics in real-time.

With Refersion, you will always know where you stand.

Integrating Refersion and Amazon

For merchants enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry who want to accelerate their storefront’s sales, Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion is the ideal solution, enabling brands to pay less for conversions and achieve higher ROIs.

Forget about wasting ad spend on campaigns that don’t convert and switch to a performance marketing model wherein it is only necessary to pay for real results.

If your company is interested in escalating Amazon revenue by building profitable affiliate relationships and managing promotions through Refersion’s streamlined platform, find out how you can get started with Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion.

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