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How to Manage an Amazon Affiliate Program

Last Modified: February 1, 2023

If you have previously tried to boost your sales with affiliate marketing for your Amazon storefront but didn’t see a huge ROI, then you might be doing it wrong.

Affiliate management requires a solid strategy to succeed. Your affiliates need not only to be good at promoting products but also to be right for your niche. You also need to consistently track performance data so you can make decisions about products that are best suited for an affiliate program, who your top affiliates are, etc.

In this blog, we discuss tips that can help you jumpstart your affiliate marketing efforts but with a solid management strategy this time.

Managing Your Amazon Affiliate Program with Ease

Choose Affiliates in Your Niche

It is prudent to select affiliates who already have successful websites in your niche. Because their market segment is already targeted, the traffic that comes your way will be qualified and much more likely to purchase. For instance, if you sell a keyboard, a computer review site might be your best bet.

One easy way to find potential affiliates is to study the backlink profile of the Amazon product page whose affiliates you want to target. You can use a tool such as Ahrefs or SEMRush for this. Most links that link back to product pages tend to be affiliate links, so you’ll get a list of people who you could potentially recruit in minutes.

Choose High-Margin Products or Low-Commission Categories

When you expand the range of products your affiliates can display on their own websites, readers get more choices to pick from and are more likely to find something that fits their requirements. If you’re selling mobile phones, for instance, then you can also add cases, headphones, accessories, etc., to the list.

However, you want to also consider the financial side of this before you act. Notably, Amazon has different commission rates for different product categories–you want to choose products with high-margin or low commission rates to conserve your profits.

Partner With YouTubers

If you’re busy, then even a virtual assistant can do this. They can contact YouTubers on your behalf to pique their interest in doing an honest review of your product in exchange for a free sample (and, in some cases, payment).

Some YouTubers are also willing to put your product in “best of” videos (for something like “best gaming laptops”) in exchange for an additional cut of the sales they help you make. This is on top of their existing affiliate commissions that are paid out by Amazon directly.

It’s also worth mentioning another reason this could be good for your store: when a customer sees a YouTube video & decides to make a purchase. The interlinking also has a chance to increase your Amazon sales rank.

Maintain Good Communication with Your Affiliates

When you invest in regular communication with your affiliates, you earn their trust and loyalty. This can encourage them to promote your product more often. A commitment to open and honest communication with affiliate partners is critical to creating a sustainable relationship, especially in a market where way too many businesses are already eyeing top affiliates for themselves.

Expand Into More Amazon Markets

Expanding into new Amazon markets is another great way to expand your business and Affiliate program. For instance, it is relatively simple for American business owners to expand their operations into Mexico and Canada with Amazon fulfillment programs, as logistics are taken care of for you.

It’s worth mentioning that this tactic has some limitations. As the laws of Europe and North America differ considerably, exploring markets in Europe with Amazon UK requires some understanding of applicable tax systems.

You will still need to do the work, but our Global Selling Guide can help you make the process much smoother for your business.

Use Performance Data to Reward Your Top Affiliates

There are thousands of affiliate programs in the US alone, and your affiliates know it.

Businesses that want to recruit and keep top affiliates need to take care of them. In order to do that, you need a reliable way to recruit, track and analyze the performance of your affiliates.

Refersion can help you achieve that and more. It’s easy to use and is power-packed with features that make expanding your affiliate program a breeze.

In the dashboard, you can easily track your referrals’ clicks and conversions in real-time. You also don’t have to spend time looking for brands to market that might be interested in partnering with you or figuring out which products to promote–you can find everything you need to run a successful affiliate program in the Refersion marketplace.

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