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Amazon Affiliate Discovery: A Powerful New Way to Find Amazon Affiliates

October 25, 2022

Amazon is a powerhouse platform for generating sales for ecommerce brands. As the platform is a household name synonymous with online retail, Amazon boasts a ridiculously high conversion rate of 10 to 15 percent. Compare that to the ecommerce industry average of two to three percent, and it is clear how profitable this platform can be for brands.

What’s more, Amazon loves merchants who drive off-platform traffic, handing out a 10 percent bonus on sales made from external traffic sources. Thus, utilizing strategies to drive consumers to Amazon to buy can be a highly lucrative approach for ecommerce brands.

For this task, affiliate marketing is ideal, as recent consumer review surveys have shown that buyers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family or friends.

However, while Amazon and affiliate marketing are a perfect combination for driving brand growth, finding Amazon-centric affiliates and publishers can be challenging. At least, that used to be the case for brands on Amazon.

Starting today, Refersion now provides ecommerce brands a powerful means of uncovering Amazon affiliates via our Amazon Affiliate Discovery feature.

For brands that are looking for a better way to grow Amazon sales, here is what Refersion’s new Amazon Affiliate Discovery tool is, how it works, and the immense benefits that it provides.

What is Amazon Affiliate Discovery?

For ecommerce brands that are actively working to grow their affiliate network, Refersion affiliate recruiting solutions such as Affiliate Discovery tool have long been a vital means of seeking out and recruiting new affiliates. The reason for this is that Affiliate Discovery gives merchants access to a network of 3.6 million affiliates, keyword research abilities, insights on competitor affiliates, affiliate recommendations, streamlined workflows, and so much more.

Refersion’s new Amazon Affiliate Discovery feature augments the existing Affiliate Discovery tool by allowing brands on Amazon to leverage the power of Affiliate Discovery to specifically seek out and discover Amazon affiliates and publishers who are focused on promoting Amazon products in their content.

Created expressly for ecommerce brands on Amazon that are looking to build their own affiliate networks in order to grow their business with affiliate marketing, Refersion’s Amazon Affiliate Discovery feature gives Amazon-specific and multichannel DTC brands present of Amazon all the features they need to simplify the process of recruiting new affiliates and accelerate sales.

Amazon Affiliate Discovery Features

Finding affiliates to promote a brand’s Amazon products has never been easier.

Refersion’s Amazon Affiliate Discovery tool gives ecommerce brands on Amazon access to:

Robust Research and Recruitment Components

Through Amazon Affiliate Discovery, brands can research and discover compatible and profitable Amazon-specific affiliates, publishers, and influencers that can help a business grow its sales on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Discovery gives users the ability to seek out partnerships by searching keywords, products, brands, categories, or even specific affiliates. Additionally, ecommerce brands also gain access to competitor insights, affiliate recommendations, and streamlined workflows that empowers Amazon brands to search, discover, and recruit new affiliates and publishers right within the Refersion platform.

With thousands of Amazon affiliates already present on Refersion and more being added to our database on a regular basis, there is no shortage of potential partnerships for Amazon brands to leverage.

Detailed Affiliate Profiles

Amazon Affiliate Discovery provides ecommerce brands with important affiliate details to help identify affiliates and publishers that will best align with a brand. Using Refersion’s tool, brands can view key affiliate details, including:

  • Category mix
  • Average product review rating
  • Number of products
  • Quality and relevance score

This kind of information is essential for recruiting the most relevant affiliates and managing a profitable Amazon affiliate program.

Affiliate Filters

Users can refine their search results and filter affiliate profiles to only include those with contact information, thus helping to ensure that brands are not wasting time on conducting extra research or investing time in difficult-to-reach affiliates.

Research Progress Components

Using Refersion’s Amazon Affiliate Discovery tool, ecommerce brands can save affiliates with notes, contact information, and other essential details.

Additionally, users can also see who you’ve marked as contacted and hide affiliates that aren’t relevant to their search.

All of this ensures that the time brands spend using Amazon Affiliate Discovery is as productive as possible.

Competitor Gap Analysis

Competitor gap analysis allows ecommerce brands to add their competitors to Refersion’s Amazon Affiliate Discovery tool to see which affiliates they are working with and have a working partnership.

With access to this information, brands can recruit their rival’s affiliate partners into their own network and gain the upper hand on the competition.

Amazon Affiliate Discovery Benefits

Given that Refersion’s Amazon Affiliate Discovery tool makes finding Amazon affiliates and publishers easier than ever, there are a number of noteworthy benefits that brands will reap from its deployment, including:

Grow Amazon Affiliate Sales Faster

Amazon Affiliate Discovery is a powerful means of priming a brand’s Amazon strategy for increased sales, as this tool gives merchants access to premier affiliates and publishers who are already creating content around Amazon products.

Moreover, thanks to Amazon’s robust conversion rate and external traffic bonuses, brands that utilize Amazon-specific affiliates to drive off-platform traffic to convert within the company’s marketplace are likely to see substantial growth, especially when compared with marketing tactics like paid adverts.

A Simple Search and Discovery Process

Thanks to the intuitive nature of Refersion’s Affiliate Discovery tool, the Amazon feature is just as simple and easy to utilize. Pair that with various search parameters, filters, and other powerful features, and ecommerce brands can quickly uncover and connect with top-tier Amazon affiliates and publishers to help promote their products on Amazon.

Less Time Spent Searching

Thanks to the streamlined workflows provided by Amazon Affiliate Discovery, ecommerce brands can save tons of time in the research, discovery, and recruitment process.

Through such implementations, brands will be able to quickly pinpoint affiliates and publishers that are already creating content within their industry, partner with similar but non-competing brands, have a history of producing high-quality content, and have a fair amount of reach.

Ultimately, this means that Refersion users have the opportunity to outpace competitors by recruiting more affiliates faster.

Find the Most Relevant Amazon Affiliates

Thanks to the ability to search keywords, products, brands, categories, specific affiliates, and more, ecommerce brands can cut through the noise to find affiliates that are an ideal match for their brand.

By finding highly-compatible affiliates and publishers, merchants will be able to get in front of relevant audiences that will be interested in the brand’s products, thereby achieving a higher volume of sales.

Gain an Edge on the Competition

In addition to tapping into a network of affiliates who are already promoting products on Amazon, the Amazon Affiliate Discovery competitor gap analysis feature provides brands with direct insight into which affiliates their retail rivals are working with, thereby enabling brands to woo such affiliates over to a new program.

Building a Network of Amazon Affiliates

Where Affiliate Discovery has been a forceful driver of affiliate programs and sales growth for DTC brands, Amazon Affiliate Discovery brings that same power to Amazon-specific brands and multichannel merchants who sell products in the Amazon marketplace.

This new offering provides ecommerce brands with a dedicated database of Amazon affiliates who are ready to get started promoting Amazon products and generating sales. Moreover, Amazon Affiliate Discovery enables users to filter that database to find the affiliates who are most compatible with their brand, thus helping to optimize affiliate revenue.

If all of this weren’t great enough, Enterprise-level Refersion customers automatically gain access to this tool alongside standard Affiliate Discovery features.

If you want to find the best Amazon affiliates for your brand’s program and grow Amazon revenue to new heights, reach out to Refersion to discuss Amazon Affiliate Discovery in more detail.

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